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2012 NCFP Election result (download excel file)


The National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) is a non-profit organization, the governing chess organization within the Philippines, and one of the member federations of the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE).

Chess has been regaining its ground in Philippine sporting world, with the salvo of victories of our wood pushers both here and abroad. To sustain this, the leadership of NCFP is answering in pushing forward with strategies and programs that would further advance sport, expand the base of chess players, mined efforts come to fruition, we will soon re-capture our glory days as an asian chess superpower or even surpass it by becoming chess global force, leading yet again to the renaissance of Philippine chess!

Hence, it is but timely and fitting to launch a website that will help strengthen and widen the network of Pinoychess enthusiasts around the globe. May this be an avenue for all Pinoy chess lovers to unite in bringing back the Philippines beloved motherland, and accordingly uniting and inspiring its people.

Make the right move, play chess!

Chairman/President Prospero A. Pichay Jr.


  NCFP Guidelines & Policies

“We are one family”

There is only one chess federation recognized by the Federation Internationale des Echecs(FIDE), Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) here in the country and that is the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP).

In line with this, we encourage all chess enthusiasts to become member and support the programs of the local chess governing body.

Beginning 2012, all local and international chess tournaments in the country should be sanctioned by the NCFP.

This can only be done with the support of local chess communities.

The federation always encourages interaction between and among all chess stakeholders to form one cohesive unit that is congruent with the FIDE motto:”We are one family.”

There are 64 squares, 32 pieces, and billions of possibilities in the game and they all happen over ONE chessboard.

In this connection, organizing and playing in a tournament not sanctioned by the federation will be considered a violation that has a corresponding penalty.

All NCFP members, especially the national and titled players, are prohibited to join all tournaments in the country not sanctioned by the federation and to compete in International events or tournaments without prior clearance, approval and coordination.

The federation reserves the right to penalize the erring players.

A warning will be issued on the first offense, but a repeat of similar violation may ultimately lead into a ban or prohibition from joining all tournaments sanctioned by the federation.

National players will lose their slot on the Philippine team right away if found guilty of committing the aforementioned offense and lose the right to officially represent the country in all international tournaments.

With the federation overseeing all tournaments here in the Philippines, the players will no longer worry about non-guaranteed prizes, biased officiating, and unfair or uneven playing field.

The federation will have a reliable and updated local rating to ensure that the players, especially in non-master tournaments, are playing on an even field.

Aside from determining the strength of the competition, the local rating aims to give the players a motivation to perform well and set higher goals.

Chairman/President, NCFP


We are inviting all chess players and clubs to become members of the NCFP and enjoy the benefits that go with it.


The following are the objectives of NCFP membership:

  • Protect the members from shoddy tournaments
  • Generate fund for chess programs in countryside especially for the youth
  • Create and promote interaction between NCFP and local chess community
  • Can join tournaments for national selection or representative for international competitions such as World Olympiad, Asian Games, SEA Games, World Junior, And International Age Group competitions, etc.

The following are the requirements and benefits of individual membership:


  • Knows the basics of chess
  • In good standing within the chess community
  • P300 annual membership fee


  • Membership ID
  • Right to participate in international and local tournaments sanctioned or organized by NCFP
  • Right to have a local rating

The following are the requirements and benefits of club affiliation:


  • Minimum of 10 members
  • The name of the club should not include the word “federation”
  • In good standing within the chess community
  • Minimum of P2000 annual membership fee and additional P200 for every member in excess of the minimum requirement


  • Certificate of affiliation for the club
  • Each member will enjoy the benefits of individual membership (see benefits under individual membership)
  • Right to organize NCFP-sanctioned tournaments  and even FIDE rated tournaments (provided that the arbiter is accredited by NCFP and the corresponding sanction fee is paid by the club)
  • Voting right during NCFP election
  • Affiliated Club member’s Tournaments can post their events in NCFP website

The following are some of the reasons for having a local rating:

  • To know and measure chess improvements
  • Motivation for players to perform well in local tournaments
  • Basis for categorizing players in the tournaments
  • Basis for pairing in local tournaments

NCFP has the sole authority to award the title of National Arbiter to an individual, as recommended by the Chess Arbiters’ Union of the Philippines, through the Philippine Chess Arbiter’s Commission.

The following are the criteria to become a National Arbiter:

  • Must be a bonafide member of the Chess Arbiters’ Union of the Philippines (CAUP), an association duly accredited and recognized by NCFP
  • Must have a Certificate of Completion for attending an Arbiters Seminar conducted by an accredited FIDE International Arbiter and sanctioned by NCFP 
  • Must be in good standing in the chess community
  • Must be fair and objective in rendering decisions
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of FIDE CHESS LAWS
  1. Each club/association must have at least 10 existing members or officers of legal age.
  2. Affiliation Fee is P 1,000.00 annually and P2,000.00 NCFP membership fee for the first 10 members (Total = P3,000.00).
  3. The club/association must submit the Affiliation Form duly signed by its official representative.
  4. For every ten (10) members, each club/association is entitled to one (1) vote in any NCFP general Assembly election, but not to exceed ten (10) votes.
  5. Every member of the club/association is required to submit the duly accomplished membership form with one 1 x 1 photo for the NCFP files.
  6. Classification of NCFP Members:
  • Charter Members
  • Associate Members – direct membership with NCFP (P300/year membership fee)
  • Regular Members – members of affiliated club/associations (P1000 annual membership fee per club plus P200 for every member in excess of ten)
  • Honorary Members
  • Patrons

Atty. Edmundo Legaspi
Chairman, Membership Committee

  1. May send delegates on the basis of one (1) delegate per ten (10) duly registered affiliates to an annual or special convention and to any regular or special meeting called for the purpose.
  2. May have their duly accredited delegate/s exercise the right to vote provided, however,  that no Regular Member can cast more than ten (10) votes regardless of the number of its members/affiliates.
  3. May have one of their delegates be elected to any office or responsibility in the Organization.
  4. May have their affiliates be recognized, classified and rated according to the rules and regulations of the Organization.
  5. May have their affiliates participate in any local and international chess competition or conference.
  6. May receive chess paraphernalia, information, literature/or other materials for instructions.
  7. May have their representative inspect the books of account of the Organization during reasonable office hours.
  8. May have their affiliates enjoy the use of the facilities, equipments or any conveniences that may be put up by the Organization for such purpose.
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