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December 12, 2012


By: I.A. Gene Poliarco


The Chess Arbiters Union of the Philippines (CAUP) is publishing herewith the list of Filipino chess arbiters who applied for FIDE license, beating the deadline set by the FIDE Arbiters Commission last December 5.

The following were endorsed by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) to the World Chess Organization after they have submitted their applications through CAUP:

  • International Arbiters:
    1. Gene Poliarco
    2. Elias Lao, Jr.
  • FIDE Arbiter :
    1. Patrick Lee
  • National Arbiters :
    1. Fundador Binahon, Jr.
    2. Christian Javier
    3. Jesus Bitantes
    4. Alberto Julian
    5. Alfredo Chay
    6. Florante Lopez
    7. Alexander Clavite
    8. Gatpayo Luz
    9. Prospero Cruz
    10. Roy Madayag
    11. Raul Cruz
    12. Yves Rañola
    13. Lorenzo Cuizon, Jr.
    14. Ferdinand Reyes,Sr.
    15. Alexander Dinoy
    16. Hermilo Samaniego
    17. Edmundo Gatus
    18. Ronnie Tabudlong
    19. Rudy Ibanez

The above-mentioned chess officials are the only authorized arbiters who can officiate in all FIDE-rated tournaments to be held here in the Philippines.

Other certified international arbiters, FIDE arbiters and national arbiters who wish to avail of Arbiter's License from FIDE must apply first to CAUP and pay the corresponding license fee.

Likewise, all certified chess arbiters (club arbiter, regional arbiter, national arbiter, FIDE arbiter and international arbiter) who want to become member of CAUP are also mandated to secure an Arbiter's License from CAUP before they can officiate in any tournament sanctioned by NCFP.


I would like to remind some people who are organizing seminar for chess arbiters that there is a guideline set by NCFP wherein only an International Arbiter is authorized to conduct a Chess Arbiter's Seminar.

It is necessary, therefore, that before anybody can organize an arbiter's seminar, it must be duly sanctioned by CAUP and NCFP. The national chess federation is the only one authorized to award National Arbiter's title, while the title of club arbiter and regional arbiter are conferred by the arbiter's union.

As your chairman, I am calling the attention of some CAUP members to abide by this guideline if you are planning to hold a seminar for chess arbitration.


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