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Round 7 ASEAN Age-Group

Round 5-6 ASEAN Age-Group

Galas, Nouri, Doroy stay unbeaten (round 3-4)

ASEAN Age-Group Round 1-2





June 14, 2015


Round 7 ASEAN Age-Group


ASEAN Age-Group Singapore


SINGAPORE -- Woman International Master Bernadette Galas retained her lead in the girls Under 20 even as WFM Alaney Jia Doroy wrested the lead in the girls' Under 14 to pace the Fillipinos' going into the last two rounds of the standard event in the ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championships at the Nanyang Technology University campus.

Galas' drew with compatriot WFM Cherry Ann Mejia but remained a full point ahead of another Filipina, WFM Marie Antoinette San Diego and India's Sagar Tejaswini who are tied for 2nd and third places with 5 points each.

WIM Janelle Mae Frayna, who lost to San Diego earlier, is a point behind at 4.5 along with Mejia and Yuze Xu of China.

Doroy, meanwhile, made short work of Vo Mai Truc of Vietnam to grab the lead in the girls Under 14 with six points.

In the girls Under19, WFM Shania Mae Mendoza settled for a draw with India's Sakshi Chitlange to remain a far second with 4.5, 1.5 points behind Chitlange's 6, while Samantha Glo Revita continues to trail the leader with 5 points.

In the girls' Under 12, Irish Yngayo is also a full point behind at 4.0 behind current leader Mounika Akshaya Bommini of India's 5 points.

In other results, Michaeul Rome Pangilinan settled for a draw but stayed within striking distance with 5 points, only half a point behind current leader Ashvin Shivakumar of India's 5.5.

IM Jan Emmanuel Garcia, who also drew his match to be at 4.5 but is only a full point behind the pace setting Bui Trang Hao of Vietnam.