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November 19, 2017


Bersamina beats Argentine Grandmaster


International Master Paulo Bersamina, Siver Medalist of 2107 Asian Indoor & Mixed- Martial games displayed his cunning ability by out smarting the 8th seed GM Alan Pichot of Argentina when he won in their 42nd moves reversed Benoni skirmished to remain in contention in the 2017 World junior Chess Championships at Tarvisio, Italy.
He exacted his revenge after losing their first encounter in last year's World chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The 19-year old 3-time World Junior Campaigner, a sophomore student of National University from the City of Pasay is now tied from 16th place to 33th place with the score of 3.5 points out of 5 rounds and on the upcoming six round, the 61th seed Bersamina will be playing GM Johan Salomon of Norway.

This eleven-round Swiss System prestigious tournament has attracted 148 players around the globe from 62 countries in the Open section while in the girls section with 89 participants from 48 countries.

Meanwhile, the 2017 Philippine National Junior Champion 17year NM John Marvin Miciano, a senior High student of Far Eastern University- Diliman and who hails from Davao City won his game against FIDE Master Guillaume Lamard of France in their King's Indian Defence duel to score a total of 2 points while 15 year old FM Stephen Rome Pangilinan, a senior Student of Philippine Science High School from Caloocan suffered a defeat from much high rated opponent FM Pavle Dirmic of Serbia to earn a total of 1.5 points.

In the distaff, 18 year Old Woman International Master Antoinette San Diego of De Lasalle University from Dasmarinas, Cavite nipped Gihansa Sayuni Jayaweera of Sri Lanka to gain her second straight win while 2017 Philippine Girls National Junior Champion from Makati City, 15 year old Francois Marie Magpily, a senior high student of PIO DEl Pilar High School defeated Veronika Ganzova of Slovakia to notch a total of 1.5 points.

The Participation of Philippine delegation in this two- week competitions which was started last November 12 and will end on 26th is funded and sponsored by Philippine Sports Commission headed by Chairman William Ramirez in coordination with National Chess Federation of the Philippines spearheaded by Cong. Prospero Pichay Jr.

Post Script:

With all honestly and I can proudly say that Filipinos are very much Talented in Chess. And our young generations can play competitively against World Class Chess Players around the World.

However, we need the following for compelling reasons:
1. Scientific and Proper Training- as the 3rd World Chess Champion Jose Raul Capablanca once said " Talent Alone Cannot win Championships"

2. High-End Equipment and Chess Materials- in providing these things, then, rest assured our young players can now experience the right and much needed training by having high- end laptop and up to date chess materials such as books, publications, chess training program and data bases for without these things, we cannot dream to discover World class Chess Players. The advent of New technology forces the Modern Players to adopt himself in this modern times to keep themselves competitive otherwise they will left behind.

3. International Exposure- a Series of International Competitions is needful for every aspiring player to become a strong Grand master as being followed and taught in Russia, China and Europe, player should play in a highly competitive tournaments at least 80 to 120 games in a year. ( e.g. Matches is highly recommended)

4. Sponsorship- Since Chess is one of the sports where Filipinos can excel and natural Talented players , we as lovers of chess should find ways to develop and promote chess. in one way or another we could contribute something even in a small scale by financially funding the competitions abroad like what others did, or funding local tournaments if not organizing tournaments for young talented players.

As I say this from time to time and Paraphrase the Inaugural Speech of US President John F. Kennedy " ask not what chess can do for you ask what you can do for Chess".

So I urge of each and every one, especially my fellow Grand masters to begin sharing your chess knowledge and experience to our youth while we are still strong and able, we can inspire and encourage our aspiring players, our youth needs mentors to reach their dreams and the aspiration of country to regain our lost glory in the world particularly in Asia.

It is incumbent upon us to bind together cause no one can do it alone. Let us teach them while having fun when we play from time to time in tournaments. i suggest adopt a player maybe one or two players for surely the game of chess in the Philippines will prosper.

as I end this, wherefore, lovers of chess, enthusiast, philanthropist and altruist. Let start now. Plant the seed of love and hope for our young players certainly we will harvest our expectations!

Truly yours,