The Effort it Takes to Win A Chess Championship

this image shows players in chess

Have you ever played a game of chess before? Well, this game is not that easy to play. You must have all the information about this game. If you really want to win the game or else you are going to lose it. Do you want to know the key rules for winning a game of chess? 

Tactics to Win Chess Championship

Let’s talk about the rules on which you need to focus on. Here are the tactics which you must keep in your mind before sitting on the chair for a game of chess.

Learn Your Moves

How you are going to open your game? Which chess piece you are going to introduce in the game first? You need to focus on your first move. Which chess piece you need to introduce and from which side as well. You can start with a pawn by moving it in front of the king or queen. Your perfect move is the first step towards winning. Chess is about the mind game of fencing in your appointment into your traps.

Move Your Knights and Bishops

You need to protect your king and queen from the opponent’s attack. You must move your bishops and knights in the center of chess. So they will be able to attack your opponent’s chess pieces. … ---READ MORE---