Chess is a Game for Genius

this image shows chess genius

Everyone has different hobbies. Not everyone plays the same game. Some like to play difficult games like chess. Chess is not an easy game to play. This game is for a genius who can concentrate, focus and can make strategies. Your mind has to be active and sharp for this type of game. A game of chess requires some special requirements. If you are not able to meet that requirement then you won’t be able to become a chess champion. Well, then let’s talk about those requirements on which you have to follow to become one of the best chess players like Phil who is a Federal level chess champion. 

How to Become A Chess Genius

Every game has some kind of rules and requirements but chess is a bit difficult game to play. So it requires more attention. You need to focus on the following facts if you want to become a good chess player:

Focus on your competitors

In every game, you have to focus on your opponent. In chess, you have to calculate your moves as well as your opponent’s. With the help of this technique, you will be able to think for a better move. … ---READ MORE---