Playing Chess While Spending Time In Folsom Prison

Chess has been around for centuries and is considered a popular board game all over the world. It can be played by anyone, regardless of age or skill level. What you may not know, however, is that chess can also be enjoyed by prisoners. The people in Folsom Prison love to play chess to pass time. Whether you used to be a fence contractor or a concrete contractor, you learn to play chess in Folsom Prison.

In November 2016, two inmates at Folsom State Prison in California made history by becoming the first prisoners in the United States to compete in a national chess championship while behind bars. The competition was hosted by the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) and took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.… ---READ MORE---


Chess is a Game for Genius

this image shows chess genius

Everyone has different hobbies. Not everyone plays the same game. Some like to play difficult games like chess. Chess is not an easy game to play. This game is for a genius who can concentrate, focus and can make strategies. Your mind has to be active and sharp for this type of game. A game of chess requires some special requirements. If you are not able to meet that requirement then you won’t be able to become a chess champion. Well, then let’s talk about those requirements on which you have to follow to become one of the best chess players like Phil who is a Federal level chess champion. 

How to Become A Chess Genius

Every game has some kind of rules and requirements but chess is a bit difficult game to play. So it requires more attention. You need to focus on the following facts if you want to become a good chess player:

Focus on your competitors

In every game, you have to focus on your opponent. In chess, you have to calculate your moves as well as your opponent’s. With the help of this technique, you will be able to think for a better move. … ---READ MORE---


The Effort it Takes to Win A Chess Championship

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Have you ever played a game of chess before? Well, this game is not that easy to play. You must have all the information about this game. If you really want to win the game or else you are going to lose it. Do you want to know the key rules for winning a game of chess? 

Tactics to Win Chess Championship

Let’s talk about the rules on which you need to focus on. Here are the tactics which you must keep in your mind before sitting on the chair for a game of chess.

Learn Your Moves

How you are going to open your game? Which chess piece you are going to introduce in the game first? You need to focus on your first move. Which chess piece you need to introduce and from which side as well. You can start with a pawn by moving it in front of the king or queen. Your perfect move is the first step towards winning. Chess is about the mind game of fencing in your appointment into your traps.

Move Your Knights and Bishops

You need to protect your king and queen from the opponent’s attack. You must move your bishops and knights in the center of chess. So they will be able to attack your opponent’s chess pieces. … ---READ MORE---


Tips For Becoming A Better Concrete Contractor

this image shows tips for becoming a better contractor

Nowadays, the construction industry is getting popular. There is a lot of competition in this field. So, people who are thinking of starting any business can begin working as a concrete contractor. For instance, you don’t have to invest a substantial amount.

You can start this business on a small sale as well. In a concrete contractor business, you can begin to provide concrete services for the construction of a small room to a big mall project. It depends on which level you want to work. If you are capable, then you can start providing concrete service at a larger scale. You can start providing concrete service for multi commercial projects. 


Chess Changed My Life

this image shows a girl playing chess

How a game of chess has an effect on your life? Have you ever played this game before? This needs a lot of focus and sharp mindedness. If you are not focused enough then there are the least chances that you are going to win the game. So the key steps for becoming a chess champion is the focus, strategy, and sharp mindedness. If you don’t follow these steps then don’t blame your luck that you lost the game. So this was about a game of chess that how you can win it. But what type of effect this game can have on your life? Let’s talk about the outcomes in further details 

How Chess Can Change Your Life

We only talked about the principles for winning a game of chess above. Now we should discuss the outcome of the game if you win it. Here are some of the outcomes which you will notice and face if you win the game:

More Active

You must think more accurately while planning for your next move in the game. Whether you need to move your bishop or knight, think carefully. In this way, your mind will become active and you will be able to think in a more creative way. And this change will help you in your future while thinking about any business idea as well. … ---READ MORE---


How Can You Relate Concrete Business and Chess

this image shows chess then relating it to concrete

Have you ever played chess before? Or you have no idea about anything related to this game? Well, this game is one of the toughest game people play. It needs a lot of focus and your brain must work actively if you really want to become a good chess player. You are going to need a strategy and proper calculation for a perfect game of chess. 

Concrete and Chess

This game has certain rules and you are going to need some extraordinary skills if you want to beat your opponent in the game of chess. But what are your thoughts about maintaining a concrete business while paying attention to your game of chess as well? You can relate this business with chess because both require your focus on strategy. If you don’t have a better strategy then you won’t be able to maintain your business.

How can a chess player become a good concrete contractor?

In a game of chess, concrete means proper calculation instead of your ideas and position. If you are good at calculating your moves and you know about your next move then you will be able to win the game. So like a game of chess, in the concrete business, you have to think about the strategy of your business which is going to make your business different and better than your competitors. It depends on the quality of your concrete and your strategy of work which will make you an exceptional and a better businessman. 

Example of a chess champion who is a concrete contractor now

We are talking about a Federal level chess champion who changed his profession and now he is a concrete contractor.… ---READ MORE---


Chess Helps A Steady Hand in Concrete

this image shows how chess gives a steady hand for concrete

How you can become a successful businessman? If you are going to start a new business then what is going to be the key factor that you are going to need? No matter whether you are going to start your business on a small scale or a bigger one. The fact that matters here is your strategy. Every business needs a strategy for becoming successful. If you are not focused enough on your business then how you will manage all the stuff? Have you heard of chess? Well, this is one of the toughest game which only genius minds can play. If you don’t have a strategy then you won’t be able to survive for your next move in the game. What if we say that both things are connected?

How chess and business are connected?

Obviously, they are connected because they both need a strategy. In chess, you must know the rules to protect your queen. In business, you need to know that in which company you can invest your money in. we are specifically talking about becoming a concrete contractor. How you can become a successful concrete contractor? Do you have any or anything in your mind which you think will help in settling your new business? Let us tell you the story of a chess champion who has become a concrete contractor now. He already knew the strategies of playing chess. Now he is able to use the strategies in his business. Both require focus and attention. Without hard work, you won’t achieve anything. … ---READ MORE---


Concrete Contractor During the Day, Chess At Night

this is an image of Phil being a chess champion

Every person on this planet has a different habit. Everyone likes to do different kinds of stuff in their free time, like playing games or doing something creative. Let’s talk about a game that will make your mind sharper and more active. Well, we are talking about chess. Undoubtedly, this is a game for geniuses.

Not everyone has got skills to perform in a chess game. We know a story of a person who is a National Chess Federation Champion and he is a concrete contract now. Or you can say that he has become something else in the day and but a chess player in the night. Everyone has a different point of view. Some people only play games in their lives or others like to focus on their goals like Phil. 

How to balance life as a chess winner and a concrete contractor?

There is no doubt that practice makes a man perfect. If you don’t practice your chess game then there are chances that you won’t be a chess champion anymore. Like Phil, who became a chess champion on the Federation level, but now, he is a concrete contractor. … ---READ MORE---