How Can You Relate Concrete Business and Chess

this image shows chess then relating it to concrete

Have you ever played chess before? Or you have no idea about anything related to this game? Well, this game is one of the toughest game people play. It needs a lot of focus and your brain must work actively if you really want to become a good chess player. You are going to need a strategy and proper calculation for a perfect game of chess. 

Concrete and Chess

This game has certain rules and you are going to need some extraordinary skills if you want to beat your opponent in the game of chess. But what are your thoughts about maintaining a concrete business while paying attention to your game of chess as well? You can relate this business with chess because both require your focus on strategy. If you don’t have a better strategy then you won’t be able to maintain your business.

How can a chess player become a good concrete contractor?

In a game of chess, concrete means proper calculation instead of your ideas and position. If you are good at calculating your moves and you know about your next move then you will be able to win the game. So like a game of chess, in the concrete business, you have to think about the strategy of your business which is going to make your business different and better than your competitors. It depends on the quality of your concrete and your strategy of work which will make you an exceptional and a better businessman. 

Example of a chess champion who is a concrete contractor now

We are talking about a Federal level chess champion who changed his profession and now he is a concrete contractor. His strategy and sharpness helped him in settling down in this business. Chess makes your mind more active and you will be able to think in a better way. You will come up with new strategies and ideas that will help you to become a successful businessman. Phil is still a chess player at night. You don’t have to pay all your attention and focus on your work only. You should give some time to your other habits that will help in thinking in a better way. 

this image shows concrete contractor


It is not about a concrete business only. Any type of work you want to do and you want to become successful in every field of life you have to be one step ahead of others. It will make you different and a better person than others. You must pay your focus on your work and always thinking in a creative way that which step will make you better than others. 

In chess, you have to keep a check on the move of your competitor. In business, you have to look over your competitor’s moves and you must try to make your work, produce a better version. A proper strategy will help you to maintain a balance between your work life and personal activities like playing a game of chess. 

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